Visual Arts Overview

The mission for the Visual Arts program is to provide a diverse and rigorous arts education for all students. At PS 222, we develop the foundation of an artistically educated child and inspire exploratory learning through artmaking. The vision for the Visual Arts program is to be the center for artistic creativity and collaboration within our school and the larger community.

Essential Beliefs 1. All students, K-5 are entitled to challenging and sequential curricula based on the New York Visual Arts Standards and Blueprints. 2. All students, K-5 are entitled to opportunities during the regular school year to develop their creative skills and artistic experiences. 3. An Art education provides students with unique opportunities for creative growth and social development, and increases student investment in school. 4. Through Art education, students engage in a precise study and develop high intellectual skills. 5. Art education, promotes cultural understanding and appreciation. 6. Through art education students create, present, respond and connect.

Supply List

Supply Wish List 


The art room is always looking for different supplies - new and old! Please see the list below of supplies we need for next year. Anything you can contribute is greatly appreciated.  
New Supplies: 
Lysol Wipes  
Paper Towels 

Baby Wipes 


Recycled Supplies: 
Clear/deli plastic containers 
Fabric scraps 
Egg cartons 
Wallpaper books