What is Adapted Physical Education? 

     In New York State, all elementary and secondary school students must receive physical education as part of their education program. The federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) entitles all students with disabilities to receive a free, appropriate public education, including appropriate physical education. Adapted physical education (APE) is vitally important to the quality of life for students with disabilities. Providing safe and successful experiences and meeting the unique needs of students with disabilities through physical education will enhance self-actualization, including the development of abilities in the psycho-motor, cognitive, and effective domains. Adaptive physical education means a specially designed program of developmental activities, games, sports, and rhythms suited to the interests, capabilities, and limitations of students with disabilities who may not safely or successfully engage in unrestricted participation in the activities of the regular physical education program. 

     Here at PS 222 we have a very unique A.P.E program. We are very fortunate here to have two gyms, and one is designated exclusively to A.P.E. instruction. We also participate in a great running program called Achilles Kids that tracks each students’ progress while doing a virtual marathon during P.E. class. We compete in many tournaments and trips throughout the year including, Bowling, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Dance and finally Track and Field to wrap the year up. Below you can find the link to the State as well as National Standards for P.E., along with the Scope and Sequence for Physical Education, and other important information. 


For Questions about A.P.E., email APE@schools.nyc.gov 

For questions about physical education, email PEworks@schools.nyc.gov